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"Great day of Finance office training with Ryan! Tons of info and will have Ryan back for more."                                        -Andrea Beeton Braden

"Ryan is an EXCELLENT trainer, always brings great energy to the table, experience, and keeps you on your toes and interested the whole time. All of us here at Braden Ford are very happy to have him on our side!!
Hope to see you soon!"  -Joel Griffin 

"The hands down best training I have ever been in! 
Wouldn’t recommend anyone else but Dealer Gravity! "  -Hunter Chapman 

"Ryan is a rock star!!! Thanks for putting it all together for our team. "-Jay Burgess  


"I was lucky enough to train with Ryan when I first got into the industry. He taught me many of the fundamentals that I still use today. Gravity training has further tuned my financial office abilities! His energy keeps the room engaged and drives the information/knowledge home! I look forward to training with him every time he is here!" -Craig Elliott 


"Ryan is motivating and inspires me to take my job to a new level! thank you!" -Michelle Beeton


"Amazing training and a definite game changer." -Mike Benoit

"I took so much away from ONE session (so far). Simple. Easy to follow. Serious game changer! Highly recommend. Ryan is a lot of fun." -Karli Frances 

"One of the best training I’ve ever been to! Ryan kept us engaged and we learned a lot in a short amount of time. I look forward to next time! Thanks Ryan!" -Krissy Roney 

"Great course, good material and very engaging." -Sacha Wolfson 

"Great course!! Lots of useful info I can use to help my team grow!! "-Adrien Denis 


"My name is Giovanny I have been in the car business now 20 years going onto 21. For the most part of my Career I have held the position of Financial Services Manager and in this last year I took on a new role as a Sales Manager. It was a great experience and I really enjoyed it but after 11 years of working with the same group I decided I needed change a challenge, so after many weeks of consideration I decided to go back to what I love most FSM, however I decided to leave the brand I have always known and I headed over to the unknown. Now keep in mind all my experience I thought I had this? Well this is when I start to panic! My first week in and I was totally lost new products new brand I felt nervous talking to customers my word tracks were a disaster I was sweating and customers could see right through me. Oh my! did I make a mistake? did I mess up my career? I couldn’t sell a single product to any customers as new vehicles don’t break down right!. This was the new low point, it really was I thought to myself a car is a car regardless of brand but my brain wasn’t clicking . Then I meet this great guy named Ryan he literally reprogrammed my brain. He took his time to find the missing link and he made me think completely different opened up my mind. To be honest today I feel like I did in my prime as an FSM so confident so knowledgeable my product presentation has totally improved my closing ratio has never been better and all I have done is follow the process Ryan laid out. He can really turn the sales process around and improve it he will show you step by step with no short cuts . His energy and his personality is so positive and there’s never a dull moment Ryan is a special talented individual he has mastered the sales process. Oh! By the way a car is a car you just need a sales process to be successful and he showed me what that is and continuously reviewed with me until we got it perfect . Ryan I want to take this opportunity to say thank you I will always appreciate your knowledge and what you have taught me. I Look forward to our next training session." -Giovanny Arrubla 


"Ryan is so high energy and engaging! His presentation is simple, yet completely unique. He makes the concepts easy to build upon by scaffolding. Would definitely recommend!" -Lauren Rossini

"Amazing car sales strategy and very well put together. I wish I could have this training on a daily basis as it is more than beneficial. Thanks for all your help and knowledge Ryan and hopefully there will be plenty more to learn in the future."


"Ryan is great at what he does. He is passionate, engaging and knows what he is speaking about. In just the 7 hours of listening to him I've taken away so much that I can apply to my new position. Thank you Ryan!" -Natalie Marsh

"Ryan, I just wanted to say thanks again for the excellent training session yesterday. It was really timely for me and has definitely helped me approach things slightly differently. I feel I came away with a lot more knowledge from this training session than any other session and I can remember more from it than any other training I've ever done. The style in which Ryan taught made it enjoyable and easy to relate to. I'm also looking forward to reading the book he gave us."

-Lina Basir

"I’ve had a pleasure working with Ryan in our Business Development department at the dealership. Ryan is a great and enthusiastic professional who helped us achieve great results in our sales! But it’s not just about the results! It’s the way he trained us! Ryan does 1 on 1 sessions and a step by step guide for incoming traffic and eleads. He’s that type of guy who knows how to fill in the missing puzzle piece when it comes to skill building. He’s approach is very detailed and he tailors his training for every individual.In my 7 years in the business, I have never seen a professional who is dedicated as Ryan!" -Milana Kaplun


"For everyone who knows me from my 12 years with IA-SAL. I had the pleasure of working alongside Ryan for some of those years. He is a dynamic trainer with a platform that translates into results.

If you’re looking to improve your sales in touch with Ryan. If you’re looking to improve your customer in touch with Ryan. He’s a difference maker." -Yves Charette

"Hands down, the most informative, enthusiastic, and easily the most positive trainer I have ever had experience with. I look forward to all of our sessions not only because he keeps me motivated but his material is relevant , practical , and gives you that boost we so often need! A job well done, Ryan!" -Joe DaFonseca

"Ryan is an excellent individual who wants to teach but at the same time take whatever time or multiple explanations/repeats and show how simple it can be to take hold of a conversation. He’s effective, point on target, and his content is incredibly effective and a incredibly professional manner." -Joe Fuller

"Great job by Ryan. The information he presented was not overbearing but at the same time very full. I have only 2 weeks experience and Ryan has given me a huge confidence boost. Thank you." -Joel Etienne Evans



"I had a great time working with Ryan in the BDC office this week. He makes training fun and Interesting and he is always willing to go the extra mile in all aspects of training. I have learnt great techniques that will be a benefit to our dealership!" -Katie Barber

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