"Dealer Gravity works, and will transform sales rep to evolutionize their ability to close deals. Ryan is amazing, and can't say good enough things about him. I am truly grateful to get the chance to learn his process."

- Sam Mzardebi

"Ryan is outstanding. Greatest trainer I have ever seen over 28 years in my career in the automotive industry."

-Dominic Tundo

"Ryan is an amazing trainer and very enthusiastic about what he is teaching us at our dealership!! He is changing the perspective of a sales world today and it is mind blowing!"

-Kurt Nullas



"Mind blown! Ryan was so pumped and full of energy! You can’t help but love the guy. He brought such an energy to our dealership and I’m so happy to have experienced the Dealer Gravity twist to the common sales training sesh. As an F&I manager, I can already feel the silo mentality break down and feel a new bond created between sales and my office. Ryan definitely instilled confidence - the centre of gravity for any winning sales team."

-Kristal King

"I have been in this business for just over 10 years. Ryan, our trainer, had the energy of a hundred people. I thank you Ryan for giving me even more tools to succeed in this business I love. Looking forward to November training Bring It On!"

-Kristine Payne-May

"Very cool, touches base on all the important foundations of selling but gives it a refreshing simple process that is easy to remember and apply. Ryan was fantastic and positive, the session went by fast."

-Emilia Vieni

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