F&I Process and Training

Learn how to apply the Dealer Gravity Selling Principles to your F&I process for improved customer experience and profitability. Yes, the two can go hand in hand! Whether your system is Step, Menu or Hybrid, Dealer Gravity teaches all F&I processes. 


Our Dynamic 1 Day Gravity In- House F&I sessions include:


F&I Custom Turnover (All Staff) - In this session you will learn the professional techniques that connect the Sales Team to F&I in unique ways that amp up F&I performance. It's right in front of your eyes! Let us show you the right way!


F&I Establish Need & Qualify - You will learn the pro techniques of a modern F&I Qualify. Simple to understand, these techniques eliminate sales pressure and increase product penetration & gross profit while improving the F&I customer experience.


F&I Presentation (all products) - In this session F&I managers will learn the Gravity sequence & Gravity Loop Techniques. These advanced techniques are the cornerstone of Dealer Gravity & the results are amazing - For all Skill Levels!


F&I Step Selling - Modern step selling techniques


F&I Menu Selling Process - Streamlined advanced menu process


F&I Confirming and Objections - In this session you will learn pro value-confirming techniques and sequences. F&I will always benefit when the customer acknowledges that the solution meets their needs.


F&I 1 Day Advanced Techniques - 1 Day Advanced session with a Master Gravity Trainer. Session focal points are Advanced Closing Techniques, Pro Presentations & How to Create More F&I Opportunity.


F&I Gravity Sequence - Learners will come away with an advanced understanding of Selling Psychology & ways to apply it to their process. Eliminate sales pressure, enjoy the freedom of a higher understanding & improve your results dramatically!


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   F&I Process & Training

   8 hrs | 2,595 CDN

   Monday - Friday

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   Tel: 519-200-1471

   Email: ryan@dealergravity.com

   In-house Dealership Gravity Analysis

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