Sales Process & Training

Want more business? Then you better have the best process and customer experience! Leave the competition in the dust with Dealer Gravity's unique Selling Principles and other proprietary sales tools. Get an unfair advantage today!

Dealer Gravity Sales Training include:


Meet and Greet - How to properly meet and greet customers at the dealership.


Qualify and Establish Need - Asking the right questions and using the CVI sheet.


Touch Desk - How to use Touch Desk to your advantage when handling unrealistic customers.

Vehicle Selection - Selecting the right vehicle based on customer needs.


Vehicle Presentation - Connecting the right vehicle to the customers specific needs and presenting the relevant features.


Trial Closing - Asking for an opinion and not the final commitment is the key. There are several types of Trial Closes that work well in different situations.


Completing a Worksheet - How to properly and efficiently fill out a worksheet after the demo drive so you close more deals.


Obtaining Commitment - How to ask for the commitment a few different way so that you close with precision.


Presenting Numbers - These modules cover all the pit-falls and how to properly present numbers in several situations you will speak to the customer's need and close more deals!


Overcoming Objections - Focus is on eliminating common objections and how to handle the ones that pop up from time to time.


Closing the Sale - Modern “soft close” techniques.

   Sales Process & Training

   8 hrs | $2,595 CDN

   Monday - Friday

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   Tel: 519-200-1471


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