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We believe making a profit in the dealership doesn't have to come at the expense of the customer experience. Dealer Gravity is an Automotive Training Company.  We specialize in dealership analysis, training solutions and customer experience.  Our instructors are Master Certified Trainers. We provide training solutions to dealerships, dealer groups, manufacturers, and individuals.  


Our services include: Gravity Analysis, F&I Training Solutions, BDC Training, Sales Training, Internet Sales Training, Sales Manager & Desk Strategies, Digital Connection Strategies & more.

We train in-dealership & in workshops all across Canada & USA.

We believe there is always a fun way to take it seriously. Especially when it comes to knowledge, skill and how it connects to the customer experience.  


Our focus in training and instructional design is to create professional, interactive training modules and situational games that emulate the core skills required to complete a certain task in the dealership. This approach to learning is inspiring, interactive, result oriented and FUN! Dealer Gravity’s clients are mainly dealerships, dealer groups, private sale companies, retail businesses and individuals requiring improved performance. 


Our founder, Ryan Sawicki, is a former General Manager & Master Certified Trainer. Our passion is creating new ways to bring the fun back to improving performance and creating an amazing customer experience.  Our results speak volumes.  Go to for our reviews, updates and more!

Our Founder
Ryan Sawicki, CEO| Phone: 519-200-1471

Ryan Sawicki began his automotive career selling vehicles at a GM store in Thunder Bay Ontario in 1997.  He achieved top salesperson in his first 6 months and never looked back.  He continued his career in Edmonton at Kia West Edmonton where he became the General Manager.  In his 9 years of service he earned them the #1 Kia dealership in Canada several times and the #1 Kia Dealer in Western Canada for many years.

In 2009 he moved back to the Ontario region and worked with the Ontario Automobile Dealer Services as their Director of Training.

In 2010, he built Performance F&I Inc, a complete dealership consulting program, including sales, management, F&I, and leadership training and coaching.

In 2012, he joined the IA/SAL Group as their National Trainer and was the lead developer and creator of their Sales and F&I training platforms.

Ryan has completed his certification as a MASTER TRAINER with Langevin and is the CEO of Dealer Gravity Inc.

His Unique approach to learning and coaching combines NLP (near-linguistic programming) with Adult Learning Principles to create a fun, relevant and amazing customer service experience that can be referenced ed in all aspects of life.

This teaching style is simple to understand, caters to the customer's specific needs, and is easily duplicated.  

His passion for learning is exceeded only by his desire to create fun, meaningful, interactive exercised-based learning experiences for his learners and guests

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